TABU, Italian excellence in dyeing wood veneers, presents SKEENS: a new vision of the boiserie with a thickness that is almost zero.
Light pre-varnished wood sheets (natural dyed and multilaminar wood veneers), obtained with a special system that allows the customer to glue them directly on wall, doors, overlays and panels.
TABU wanted to choose only FSC® certified and sustainable wood species such as Bolivar, Eucalyptus, Ash, Larch, Walnut, Oak, Lime tree, wood species coming from Europe or North America.

Skeens TABU Boiserie: the Collection's topics.

01 TABU presents SKEENS, the boiserie that revolutionizes the wood on the walls
Would you like to be amazed? TABU, Pavilion 22 Stand F37
02 How is the SKEENS Collection composed?
10 precious wooden tissue that inspire our collection, 7 certified and sustainable wood species, 3 alternatives with embossed decoration, 40 codes, 3 styles.



The tailors’ of the factory of the wooden tissues SKEENS creates tailor made finishes specific for any project and to create the interior design wished.

The fine tailoring of the boiserie offers wooden tissues with a minimum thickness, colored with thousand precious and tridimensional colors.

The tailors’ factory is ready to meet your preferences: you can choose the wooden species of your tissue, the tones and the embossed decoration to get a perfect esthetic result full of balance and gracefulness.