TABU presents SKEENS, the boiserie that revolutionizes the wood on the walls

TABU, Italian excellence in dyeing wood veneers, presents SKEENS: a new vision of the boiserie made of wood, the complete redesign of the wooden surfaces to cover the walls with a thickness that is almost zero.

Light pre-varnished wood sheets, obtained with a special system that allows the customer to glue them directly on wall, doors, overlays and panels: an authentic technologic achievement that valorizes wood, a living and noble material.

TABU wanted to choose only FSC®certified and sustainable wood species for this collection, picking the most trendy colors typical of the contemporary design: for this reason the choice of natural dyed wood species such as Bolivar, Eucalyptus, Ash, Larch, Walnut, Oak, Limetree, wood species coming from Europe or North America.

SKEENS Collection offers a choice of surfaces obtained with state-of-the-art multilaminar wood, a sophisticated material born from technical research: this allows the production of tailor-made finish for each specific project. Even for these surfaces only north American and European wood species are used.

SKEENS is an innovative Collection of wood surfaces with a surprising aspect, dedicated to people that design innovative Interiors using natural materials.

How is the SKEENS Collection composed?

The Collection is structured in 10 wooden tissues as a base and there is the possibility to multiply all of them in three embossed alternatives.

Flower, Leaf e Tweed are the 3 embossment that embellish the 10 bases.

A delicate embossed decoration that draws in the wooden fiber floral drawings (Flower embossment), natural drawings and leaves (Leaf embossment), or geometrical rhomboidal drawings (Tweed embossment).

The Collection includes 40 codes divided in 3 “life styles”: Classic, Style, Creative.

The certified and sustainable wood species FSC® used are: Bolivar, Eucalyptus, Ash, Larch, Walnut, Oak, Lime tree.

These are north American and European wood species coming from forests managed respecting the Nature cycles and the reforestation policies.

The tailors’ factory SKEENS, Mondial preview at Salone del Mobile 2019

Pure astonishment. The unedited and fascinating SKEENS Collection proposes wood as never-before-seen material.
The 40 decorations of the Collection are presented on the wall and also in rolls.
The table of the SKEENS tailors’ factory is waiting for visitors not only to admire and touch these precious wooden tissues but also to create tailor made finishes specific for every project and to build the desired interior design.
The couture of the boiserie with a minimum thickness offers a wide range of wooden tissues, that can be multi-colored, valuable and tridimensional, precious like the ancient brocaded textures. just Like the expert hands of a Couturier can give life to the shapes and shape to the life, to the 5 senses, to the thoughts, shaping the spaces that compose out everyday life requires ability and grace, search for beauty and sense of proportion.

The never-seen-before wooden flooring of the SKEENS Collection at Salone del Mobile

SKEENS Collection comes along with suitable floors: TABU, excellence in wood tailoring and dyeing wood and multilaminar veneers, has created wood certified floorings studying carefully the nuances and the wooden veins.
American Walnut floorings are born from the virtuous use of the multilaminar technology recognizable from the brown striation, the Eucalyptus from the denim color and in Oak characterized from light shades.
Even the shape of the single piaster is unedited: an hexagon more than one meter long with a diagonal vein on the semi hexagon.