SKEENS tour 2019: Moscow, Shanghai, Milano e Torino


Salone del Mobile.Milano: Moscow, 9-12 october e Shanghai, 20-22 november

Architect@Work: Torino, 23/24 october, Milano 13/14 november

Tabu have confirmed its presence with SKEENS Tabu Boiserie: a new vision of the boiserie, the total redesign of the wooden surfaces to cover the walls with a thickness almost close to zero.

Lightweight pre-finished wood sheets, backed with a special system that allows you to apply this new solution directly to the wall and doors, surfaces, panels: an authentic technological achievement that enhances wood, a natural and living material.

The FSC® certified and sustainable wood of TABU is more nowadays available in innovative design and colors. We have chosen natural dyed veneers of Ash, Bolivar, Eucalyptus, Larch, Lime, Oak and Walnut, made with North American and European wood species.