3 new codes for Skeens Tabu Boiserie

3 new decorations enrich the revolutionary collection presented at Salone 2019: SKEENS Tabu Boiserie embodies a new vision of the wood boiserie with a thickness that is almost zero, FSC® and A+ certified wood.

Bolivar Silk Blue SK3

The softness and elegance of silk proposed by Bolivar wood. A blue tone enhances inner calm and fosters the search for refined environments offering cosy shelter. Tabu Bolivar is an FSC and A + certified wood, new in its aesthetic proposal: its natural shades deepen the perception of the blue colour by bringing the colour of the sky into a room. TABU “Bolivar” wood originates on the east coast of the USA.

Bolivar Moss Green SK11

Primitive and source of vital energy, nature in its essence, Skeens Moss Green brings the decorative vertical green to a new dimension Combining the soul of nature in a single product. Imagining that the mysterious depth of a forest or the cosy nature of a garden can be evoked by an innovative thin sheet of flexible decorative wood. We are in a new dimension of the project. Bolivar Moss Green is freely inspired by the Saihoji, one of Kyoto’s best-known gardens, commonly known as the “Moss temple”; pure certified and sustainable wood with delicate green veins offering us the possibility of designing environments conveying a sense of naturalness and serenity typical of Zen gardens.

Oak Concrete SK12

The moulds of the wooden formworks on the concrete is a modern Tabu Oak interpretation. Transforming the organic matter into an inorganic effect, Oak wood proposed in a colour tone typical of the decorative concrete, renewing a modern consolidated aesthetic proposal with a classic wood species…That’s Skeens proposal. Oak represents the right balance between performances and refinement.