Dear customers, suppliers, partners

Dear customers, suppliers, partners, architects and designers from all over the world,
we are tested, like our whole Nation.

In compliance with the decrees of the Italian Government and protecting our families, we have decided to guarantee commercial and administrative activities in smart working, with the managers who will work from home and will be regularly available.
Production is suspended, as it is a priority to protect the health of our employees who work in the departments. All orders and deliveries will be rescheduled and we will take care of everything with maximum effort.
We live in a responsible context, which is facing a difficult situation with a civic sense, but which looks with confidence to a recovery, and we are all ready to get involved with sacrifices and with the passion that distinguishes us in the months following the end of this emergency.

Andrea Tagliabue, CEO of TABU SPA

Cantù, 12 March 2020