How is the SKEENS Collection composed?

The Collection is structured in 10 wooden tissues as a base and there is the possibility to multiply all of them in three embossed alternatives.

Flower, Leaf e Tweed are the 3 embossment that embellish the 10 bases.

A delicate embossed decoration that draws in the wooden fiber floral drawings (Flower embossment), natural drawings and leaves (Leaf embossment), or geometrical rhomboidal drawings (Tweed embossment).

The Collection includes 40 codes divided in 3 “life styles”: Classic, Style, Creative.

The certified and sustainable wood species FSC® used are: Bolivar, Eucalyptus, Ash, Larch, Walnut, Oak, Lime tree.

These are north American and European wood species coming from forests managed respecting the Nature cycles and the reforestation policies.