TABU presents SKEENS, the boiserie that revolutionizes the wood on the walls

TABU, Italian excellence in dyeing wood veneers, presents SKEENS: a new vision of the boiserie made of wood, the complete redesign of the wooden surfaces to cover the walls with a thickness that is almost zero.

Light pre-varnished wood sheets, obtained with a special system that allows the customer to glue them directly on wall, doors, overlays and panels: an authentic technologic achievement that valorizes wood, a living and noble material.

TABU wanted to choose only FSC®certified and sustainable wood species for this collection, picking the most trendy colors typical of the contemporary design: for this reason the choice of natural dyed wood species such as Bolivar, Eucalyptus, Ash, Larch, Walnut, Oak, Limetree, wood species coming from Europe or North America.

SKEENS Collection offers a choice of surfaces obtained with state-of-the-art multilaminar wood, a sophisticated material born from technical research: this allows the production of tailor-made finish for each specific project. Even for these surfaces only north American and European wood species are used.

SKEENS is an innovative Collection of wood surfaces with a surprising aspect, dedicated to people that design innovative Interiors using natural materials.