A+ Respect for environment, respect for people

Skeens comes from Nature providing an important support in creating milieux whose salubrity of air is at the highest levels. The release into the environment of substances harmful to humans, such as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC or VOC) like benzene and formaldehyde, is a crucial aspect: Skeens owns the A + certification thanks to its characteristics and guarantees therefore the highest requirements respecting environment and human health.

Laying instructions

Skeens is a pure wood product requiring prompt attention for a correct laying. SKEENS needs glues based on polymers with silanic termination, typical one-component glues for parquets, totally free from solvents, water, amines, epoxy resins and isocyanates. Do not use glues for wallpapers. For further information and laying specifications write to info@SKEENS.it


Skeens needs vertical smooth surfaces and/or with gypsum-based skimming. Make sure that there are no humidity halos, dirt or dust. It is recommended to apply Skeens on walls showing similar shades and to use possibly a primer.


It is recommended to use advised layers or in possession of laying qualification. Apply with temperature between 15° and 35°. Pay special attention to draughts of air that could interfere with glue setting. The sheets can be trimmed during laying and jointed by putting them together.


Do not use abundant water, products containing solvents. Use a slightly damp microfiber cloth and neutral soaps in small doses.

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